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Paule Lévy
p. 15-19

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Ce document sera publié en ligne en texte intégral en septembre 2017.

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Despite her relatively limited production, Grace Paley has left her imprint on the literature of her time and made a significant contribution to the art of short story writing in the last decades of the twentieth century. Throughout her life and literary career, Paley considered herself a story-listener as much as a story-teller, one attuned to the multiple voices and variegated tongues of the world she lived in and which she endeavored to reinvent—through her passionate commitment to the great political causes of her time and through her life-long dedication to literature.

“Two ears, one for literature, one for home, are useful for writers,” declares the author in the introduction to her Collected Stories (x), thus summing up the peculiarities of her writing, which is solidly grounded in the everyday life, language and politics of her time (“I write about the lives of women and men of our time” [Interview Hulley 24]), yet widely open to purely abstract speculation, be it of an ontol...

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Paule Lévy, « Introduction », Journal of the Short Story in English, 65 | 2015, 15-19.

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Paule Lévy, « Introduction », Journal of the Short Story in English [En ligne], 65 | Autumn 2015, mis en ligne le 01 septembre 2017, consulté le 20 août 2017. URL :


Paule Lévy

Paule Lévy is Professor of American literature at the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin, France. Her research focuses on women’s writing, ethnicity in literature and Jewish American literature, on which she has written extensively. Her recent publications include American Pastoral: La Vie réinventée (PUF, 2012), American Pastoral: Lectures d’une oeuvre, ed. (PU Rennes, 2011), Autour de Saul Bellow, ed. (PU Angers 2010) and Mémoires d’Amériques, co-ed. (Michel Houdiard, 2009).

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